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#WintersRespite Midway Giveaway

Winter's Respite ReadAThon 2017 Book Cover Winter's Respite ReadAThon 2017

Winter's Respite is a two week readathon hosted over at Seasons of Reading. This is a very stress-free readathon as there are no official daily mini challenges. The 2017 edition will be from Monday, 1/16 to Sunday, 1/29.

Check out the Seasons of Reading blog for more info.

The Giveaway

In celebration of reading, winter and of the new two week time span, i’ll be hosting the Midway Giveaway. It’s half challenge and half giveaway. Just think of it as a breather from reading and as a way to assess your readathon journey so far.

The Prize

Either a $20 gift card to -OR- A book of your choice (up to $20) on

How to Enter

Leave a comment below telling me how the readathon is going, your progress so far & about any changes you plan on making for week 2! Also, please leave a link to your signup post or latest progress post. This giveaway is only open to readathon participants.

Commenting/Entries will be open from Saturday, January 21th at Noon until Monday, January 23rd at Midnight. (Chicago Time Zone). The Winner will be randomly drawn and annouced on the final day of the Readathon. One entry per participant.

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Drum Roll Please…

And our winner is….

Carol from Carol’s Notebook!

25 thoughts on “#WintersRespite Midway Giveaway

  1. I’m reading Heidi, In the Company of Sherlock Holmes, and the Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k (audible). Moving along slow because of work but still getting some reading done .

  2. I’m making progress but some of the books I read this week were a bit slow so I’ll probably put those on hold and focus on something else next week.

  3. Well, I finished two books on my AWR list-The Girls by Emma Cline and The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. Still in the midst of Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand and started Truly,Madly,Guilty(will be doing a mid-readathon post next week). This readathon has really come at a good time for me and hope everyone else is enjoying it,too.

  4. I’m doing fairly well…finished the 3 books I was reading at the beginning of the readathon. Read one other whole book. Then there’s the ‘serial book’ – 8 novella-length parts of a single story. I’ve got to get some reviews up before I start reading too much more or things will start to muddle. Having a great time…my reading year is off to a fabulous start!
    LuAnn recently posted…Thursday Bookish Post – Bai Tide by Erika MitchellMy Profile

  5. Luving the new 2 wks of reading ! It’s going well despite getting a break from the deep freeze we’d been in – Sooo glad to get out and feel mobile again ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Here’s my Respite Mid way post which I’m about to update with the week’s reading = 10 completed – reads/audios as I like to mix it up to give my eyes a rest and I personally luv having a story read to me ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Heidi is ongoing….
    Conductor of Light โ€“ Rachel McMillan ebk
    Fifty Acts of Kindness – Ellyn Oaksmith ebk
    Suspiciously Reserved: A Twist on Jane Austenโ€™s Emma โ€“ S Adkins ebk
    .Two Testaments โ€“ Elizabeth Musser audio
    . Providence โ€“ Chris Coppernoll ebk
    . Tempestโ€™s Course โ€“ Lynette Sowell ebk
    . Elusive โ€“ Sara Rosett ebk
    . Death of a Snob โ€“ MC Beaton audio
    . The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe – CS Lewis/M York audio
    . Pursuit and Persuasion Ben Rees Mystery – Sally Wright ebk

    Thanks for the lovely reading incentive!

  6. HI! Thank you for this giveaway!

    I am not doing as well as I was hoping. ๐Ÿ™
    I finished an audiobook and I started reading an ebook, a physical book, and another audio. I was doing well, but I stopped reading on Friday. Things got a little busy for me this past weekend. Now, the semester has begun and I have no idea how my reading game is going to be. I think I need to change my reading goals. :/
    Vonnie recently posted…Friday Posts #13My Profile

  7. I have done better than expected as I have finish 9 books, in total 2687 pages.
    I have taken part in the 24in48 RaT which means I read 5 books just during the weekend.

    I won’t be able to read as much next week but I am taking part in several challenges where there are books I have to complete this week.

    Another reason for not being able to read as much is that I really, really need to start packing the rest of my flat as we have to move out in 3 weeks.

  8. I started off really, really strong with three books in the first day. Then, life got in the way as it tends to and I have slowed down on book number 4. I’m hoping week two is much more steady and I can get another 3-4 books read. I just have so many on my reading list and this read-a-thon is a good way to chip away at it.

  9. Life has managed to effectively get in the way of my reading. Then, when I finally have the chance to read, I find myself doing other stuff instead. That being said, I am about halfway through the book I started on Monday, January 16th. The sort of sad part about that is that it is a children’s book with only 16 chapters. I am at chapter 9 as of last night when I finally read 6 chapters before bed. Here is the link to my update post:

  10. I made lots of progress last week but none on the weekend. I’ve read the second half of Hidden Figures (and saw the movie Friday night). Then I read the first half of No Man’s Land by Simon Tolkien. I’m really enjoying it but personal life got in the way of reading over the weekend. I’m checking in quick and then picking up my book to see if I can make more progress tonight.

  11. Thanks for your reading incentive !
    Glad I’ve checked in for my comment which hasn’t posted ! yikes…
    I’ve had a great reading respite week . Here’s what I’ve read to date:
    1. A Question of Belief โ€“ Donna Leon Jan 16
    2. Conductor of Light โ€“ Rachel McMillan Jan 16
    3. Suspiciously Reserved โ€“ Samantha Adkins Jan 16-17
    4. Two Testaments โ€“ Elizabeth Musser Jan 17
    5. Providence โ€“ Chris Coppernoll Jan 17-18
    6. Tempestโ€™s Course โ€“ Lynette Sowell Jan 20
    7. Death of a Snob โ€“ MC Beaton Jan 20
    8. Elusive โ€“ Sara Rosett Jan 21
    9. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe โ€“ CS Lewis Jan 21
    10. Pursuit and Persuasion โ€“ Sally Wright Jan 22
    11.-17. Three Blind Mice โ€“ Agatha Christie collection Jan 22
    Three Blind Mice
    Case of the caretaker
    Strange Jest
    The Tape Measure Murder
    Case of the Perfect Maid
    The Third Floor Flat
    The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly
    Four and Twenty Blackbirds
    The Love Detectives
    18. Cranberry Bluff D. Garner Jan 23

    Changes? will have to be a bit less reading for me this week with extra commitments. HapPy with Winter’s Respite every year !
    Sharon @ faith hope &cherrytea recently posted…More Wintry Reading Opps for JanuaryMy Profile

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