The Classics Club

The Classics Club Book Cover The Classics Club

The Classics Club is a club created to inspire people to read and blog about classic books. There’s no time limit to join and you’re most welcome, as long as you’re willing to sign up to read and write on your blog about 50+ classic books in at most five years. The perk is that, not only will you have read 50+ incredible (or at the very least thought-provoking) works in five years, you’ll get to do it along with all of these people. Join us! We’re very friendly.

MY GOAL: 50 in 5 Years (12/31/2020).


The Ancients

Anonymous: The Epic of Gilgamesh
Homer: The Iliad; The Odyssey
Confucius: The Analects
Hesiod: Theogeny; Works and Days
Sappho: Poems
Aesop: Fables
Aeschylus: Oresteia
Sophocles: Theban Plays
Euripides: Medea; Electra; Bacchae
Aristophanes: Lysistrata; The Clouds; The Birds
Apollonius: Jason and the Golden Fleece
Menander: The Bad-Tempered Man
Lucian: True Histories
Herodotus: The Histories
Thucydides: The History of the Peloponnesian War
Sun-tzu: The Art of War
Plato: The Republic; Symposium; Meno; Euthyphro; Apology; Crito; Phaedo
Aristotle: Nichomachean Ethics; Politics; Poetics
Valmiki: The Book of Ramayana
Vyasa: The Mahabharata
Anonymous: The Bhagavad Gita
Ssu-ma Ch’ien: Records of the Grand Historian
Virgil: The Aeneid
Ovid: Metamorphoses
Plautus: The Brothers Menaechmus; The Swaggering Soldier; Pseudolus; The Haunted House
Terence: Phormio; The Brothers
Seneca: Apocolocyntosis
Juvenal: Selected Works
Apuleius: The Golden Ass
Petronius: The Satyricon
Catullus: Selected Works
Horace: Selected Works
Lucretius: On the Nature of Things
Marcus Aurelius: Meditations
Livy: Selected Works
Caesar: Selected Works
Tacitus: Annals
Plutarch: Lives
Vatsyayana: The Kama Sutra

Medieval & Renaissance

Anonymous: Beowulf
Leonardo da Vinci: The Notebooks
William Congreve: The Way of the World
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Malory: Le Morte d’Arthur
Gottfried: Tristan
Eschenbach: Parzival
Saint Augustine: The Confessions
Dante Alighieri: The Divine Comedy
Edmund Spenser: The Faerie Queen
Geoffrey Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales; Troilus and Cressida
Boccaccio: Decameron
Anonymous: The Thousand and One Nights
Jataka Tales
Niccolò Macchiavelli: The Prince
Song of Roland
François Rabelais: Gargantua and Pantagruel
Wu Cheng-en: Journey to the West: Monkey
Miguel de Cervantes: Don Quixote
Thomas Moore: Utopia Discussion Coming Soon

17th & 18th Centuries

William Shakespeare; Selected Works
Christopher Marlowe: Selected Works
Ben Jonson: Selected Works
John Donne: Selected Works
Galileo Galilei: Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems
Thomas Hobbes: Leviathan
John Milton: Paradise Lost
John Locke: Second Treatise of Government
John Bunyan: Pilgrim’s Progress
Gibbon: Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Daniel Defoe: Robinson Crusoe
David Hume: An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
Jonathan Swift: Gulliver’s Travels
Voltaire: Candide
Benjamin Franklin: Autobiography
Albert Einstein: The Special and General Theory of Relativity; Sidelights on Relativity
Hamilton, Madison, and Jay: The Federalist Papers
Grimms: fairy tales
Jacobs: fairy tales
Hans Christian Anderson: fairy tales
Andrew Lang: Arabian Nights; fairy tales

19th Centuries

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Faust
William Blake: Selected Works
William Wordsworth: Selected Work
Percy Shelley: Selected Works
Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Selected Works
John Keats: Selected Works
Byron: Selected Works
Browning: Selected Works
Tennyson: Selected Works
Jane Austen: Sense and Sensibility; Pride and Prejudice; Mansfield Park; Emma; Persuasion; Northanger Abbey
Ralph Waldo Emerson: Selected Works
Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Scarlet Letter; Selected Tales
Alexis de Tocqueville: Democracy in America
John Stuart Mill: On Liberty; The Subjection of Women
Charles Darwin: The Voyage of the Beagle; The Origin of Species
Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol: Dead Souls
Edgar Allan Poe: Short Stories and Other Works
Mary Shelley: Frankenstein
John Dewey: Democracy and Education
Scott: Ivanhoe
Charles Robert Maturin: Melmoth the Wanderer
Honoré de Balzac: Eugenie Grandet; Père Goriot
Stendhal: The Red and the Black; Charterhouse of Parma
Alexandre Dumas: The Three Musketeers; The Count of Monte-Cristo
Alexander Pushkin: Eugene Onegin
Nikolai Gogol: Dead Souls
Karl Marx: The Communist Manifesto
Charles Dickens, Pickwick Papers; David Copperfield; Great Expectations; Bleak House
William Makepeace Thackeray: Vanity Fair
Anthony Trollope: The Warden; Barchester Towers; The Way We Live Now; Can You Forgive Her; He Knew He Was Right; Rachel Ray
Charlotte Brontë: Jane Eyre, Shirley, Villette
Anne Bronte: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall; Agnes Grey
Emily Brontë: Wuthering Heights
Elizabeth Gaskell: Cranford; North and South; Wives and Daughters
George Eliot: Adam Bede; The Mill on the Floss; Silas Marner; Middlemarch; Daniel Deronda
Mary Elizabeth Braddon: Lady Audley’s Secret; The Doctor’s Wife; Aurora Floyd
Wilkie Collins: The Woman in White, Moonstone
James Fenimore Cooper: The Last of the Mohicans
Edgar Allan Poe: Short Stories and Other Works
Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Scarlet Letter; House of the Seven Gables; Selected Tales
Ralph Waldo Emerson: Selected Work
Herman Melville: Moby Dick
Harriet Beecher Stowe: Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Washington Irving: Rip Van Winkle; Legend of Sleepy Hollow Discussion Coming Soon
Henry David Thoreau: Walden; Civil Disobedience
Louisa May Alcott: Little Women
Walt Whitman: Selected Poems; Leaves of Grass
Emily Dickinson: Collected Poems
Victor Hugo: Les Miserables; The Hutchback of Notre Dame
George Sand: Selected Works
Gustave Flaubert: Madame Bovary; A Sentimental Education
Emile Zola: Therese Raquin; Nana; Germinal
Guy de Moupassant: Bel-Ami; Selected Stories
Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev: Fathers and Sons
Feodor Dostoevsky: Crime and Punishment; The Brothers Karamazov
Leo Tolstoy: Anna Karenina; War and Peace
Checkov: Selected Stories and Plays
Sheridan Le Fanu: In a Glass Darkly
Henrik Ibsen: Selected Plays
Lewis Carroll: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; Through the Looking-Glass
Thomas Hardy: Far from the Madding Crowd; Tess of the D’Urbervilles; The Return of the Native; The Mayor of Casterbridge; Jude the Obscure: Under the Greenwood Tree
Henry Adams: The Education of Henry Adams
Carl Jung: Selected Works
Henry James: Portrait of a Lady; What Maisie Knew; The Ambassadors; Turn of the Screw
Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Importance of Being Earnest; Canterville Ghost
Robert Louis Stevenson: Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, Treasure Island
H.G. Wells: The Island of Dr. Moreau; The War of the Worlds; The Time Machine
Bram Stoker: Dracula
Charlotte Perkins Gilman: The Yellow Wallpaper
Kate Chopin: The Awakening
Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn, Prince and the Pauper, Tom Sawyer
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Hounds of Baskerville, Complete Sherlock Holmes.
Jules Verne: 20,000 Leagues under the Sea; Around the World in 80 Days; Journey to the Center of the Earth
Arabella Buckley: Selected Works
Thornton Burgess: Selected Works

20th & 21st Centuries

Sigmund Freud: The Interpretation of Dreams; Dream Psychology
Joseph Conrad: Lord Jim; Heart of Darkness; Nostromo
Rudyard Kipling: Kim
Theodore Dreiser: Sister Carrie; An American Tragedy
Edith Wharton: Ethan Frome; The House of Mirth; The Age of Innocence
E. M. Forster: A Room with a View; Howard’s End; A Passage to India, Maurice
D. H. Lawrence: Sons and Lovers; Women in Love; Lady Chatterley’s Lover
William Butler Yeats: Selected Poetry
Willa Cather: O Pioneers; My Antonia
Anton Chekhov: Uncle Vanya; Three Sisters; The Cherry Orchard
Julia Peterkin: Scarlet Sister Mary; Green Thursday
Somerset Maugham: Of Human Bondage; Cakes and Ale; Mrs. Craddock, The Painted Veil
Sinclair Lewis: Main Street; Babbitt
Thornton Wilder: Bridge of San Luis Rey; Our Town
Upton Sinclair: The Jungle
Gertrude Stein: Three Lives
Proust: In Search of Lost Time
James Joyce: Portrait of the Artist; Ulysses; Dubliners
Thomas Mann: Magic Mountain
Virginia Woolf: Mrs. Dalloway; Orlando; To the Lighthouse; The Waves
Kafka: The Metamorphosis
F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby; Tender is the Night; Curious Casebof Benjamin Button
Ernest Hemingway: The Sun Also Rises; A Farewell to Arms; For Whom the Bell Tolls; The Old Man and the Sea, Islands in the Stream
John Steinbeck: Of Mice and Men; The Grapes of Wrath; East of Eden
Anthony Powell: Dance to the Music of Time
Thomas Wolfe: Look Homeward. Angel
William Faulkner: The Sound and the Fury; As I Lay Dying
Margaret Mitchell: Gone with the Wind
Zora Neale Hurston: Their Eyes Were Watching God
Richard Wright: Native Son
Ralph Ellison: Invisible Man
James Baldwin: Go Tell It on the Mountain; Giovanni’s Room
Daphne du Maurier: Rebecca
Nancy Mitford: The Pursuit of Love; Love in a Cold Climate
John Dos Passos: USA
Aldous Huxley: Brave New World
George Orwell: 1984; Animal Farm
Joseph Heller: Catch-22
Richard Yates: Revolutionary Road
J.D. Salinger: The Catcher in the Rye; Selected Stories
William Golding: Lord of the Flies
Vladimir Nabokov: Lolita; Pnin; Pale Fire
T. S. Eliot: Collected Poems; Collected Plays
Harper Lee: To Kill a Mockingbird
Sylvia Plath: The Bell Jar; Selected Poetry
Gabriel García Márquez: One Hundred Years of Solitude
Kurt Vonnegut: Slaughterhouse Five
Maya Angelou: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Alice Walker: The Color Purple and selected stories, including “Everyday Use”
Larry McMurtry: Lonesome Dove
Hermann Hesse: Siddhartha
Arundhati Roy: The God of Small Things
Chinua Achebe: Things Fall Apart
Jack London: Call of the Wild; White Fang; Sea Wolf
Thomas Kuhn: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
Gaston LeRoux: Phantom of the Opera
J. M. Barrie: Peter Pan
B.M. Bower: Cabin Fever
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: The Little Prince
Kate Douglas Wiggin: Rebecca of Sunnybrooke Farms
William Strunk: Elements of Style
Virgina Woolf: The Voyage Out; To the Lighthouse
H. P. Lovecraft: The Call of Cthulhu
L. M. Montgomery: Anne of Green Gables; Emily of the New Moon
Frances Hodgson Burnett: The Secret Garden; A Little Princess
Isaac Asimov: Selected Works
Michio Kaku: Selected Works
Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Selected Works