Monthly Wrap Ups

January 2017 : Month in Review

Books Read From

I read from 9 books this month, totaling 1,140 pages

23341252 plato 24921954 24934065 10929432A Face Like Glass 2016-799 eBook Zoe Kalo Chamelion moby_dick_book_cover_by_mario0357-d6rt002 31838297

Books Finished

I finished 3 books this month

23341252 10929432 24934065

Reviews Posted

I posted 2 reviews this month

This Is Our Story
The Archive


I participated in 3 events this month

Bout of Books 18
Winter’s Respite Readathon
24 in 48

Challenge Topics Crossed Out

I crossed out 1 challenge topic this month

A Book You Meant To Read in 2016

Books Read for The Classics Club

I read 2 books for the Classics Club this month

plato moby_dick_book_cover_by_mario0357-d6rt002

Reading List For Next Month

I will be reading from 6 books next month

2016-799 eBook Zoe Kalo Chamelion A Face Like Glass 31838297 10798416 moby_dick_book_cover_by_mario0357-d6rt002 plato

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